Eric’s Fried Chicken Sandwich 


This is my Fried Chicken Sandwich recipe, which is a copy of Bakesale Betty’s famous Fried Chicken Sandwich in Oakland, CA. I’ve actually never had one but saw her make one on the Food Network and just tried it out myself.

This is just a simple fried chicken sandwich but what makes it is the slightly spicy coleslaw. I serve it on round bolillo rolls (regular ones will do also), some mayo, the coleslaw and that is it. But feel free to adapt and experiment to your taste.


Eric’s Coleslaw

Shredded cabbage (1bag)
Jalapeños (2-3)
Cilantro (1bunch)
Red Onion (1)
Sea Salt
Black Pepper
Dijon mustard (1 large tablespoon)
Apple Cider Vinegar
Olive Oil

  1. Cut Red Onion into medium strips and put in a small bowl and cover with Apple Cider Vinegar. Let sit for at least 10-15 min. Usually by the time everything is ready should be enough.
  2. Put all the shredded cabbage in a large bowl.
  3. Chop 2 jalapeños with seeds into small pieces. Add them to the cabbage.
  4. Take two handfuls of cilantro and chop finely. Add to cabbage and jalapeños.
  5. Now add a generous amount of sea salt to cabbage, jalapeños, cilantro. Add just a bit of black pepper. Now mix cabbage, jalapeños, and cilantro together. Let sit.
  6. Now I would start frying your chicken. At this point it’s good to let the coleslaw set and the red onions marinate the better, but like 10-15min max.
  7. Once your ready or the onions have marinated for 10 minutes let’s make the dressing.
  8. Take one heaping tablespoon of Dijon mustard in a small bowl. Add a small amount of olive oil. Maybe 4-5 tablespoons. Mix together.
  9. Now drain your red onions saving just a little of the vinegar and add them to the cabbage mix.
  10. Add dressing to cabbage mix and mix throughly.
  11. It’s best to let the coleslaw sit for a few minutes but not long. It’s best served fresh, otherwise things start to wilt and it looses it’s crunchiness.


Eric’s Fried Chicken

Thinly sliced chicken breast (I found some at Trader Joe’s ready to use)
Sea Salt
Black Pepper

  1. In a cast iron pan or any frying pan add some oil. About 1/2 inch deep and start to heat.
  2. In a pyrex dish, or anything that’s about 1 1/2 tall, pour some buttermilk in. Enough to cover two pieces of chicken at a time. I fry two pieces at a time.
  3. On a plate put some flour, enough for all your chicken, add sea salt, black pepper, and any other spice you may want to add. Sometimes I add some Pico De Gallo’s Seasonings it’s a spicy mix. Mix flour mixture thoroughly.
  4. Now take one thinly sliced chicken breast and pound it with a meat tenderizer on both sides. Do the same for another piece.
  5. Put both pieces of pounded chicken into the buttermilk and make sure it is fully covered. Let sit for 2 min or so.
  6. Now lift a piece of chicken out of the buttermilk and let it drip a little then place it into the flour mixture and coat all sides.
  7. Place the coated chicken into the now hot oil and repeat step 6 for the other piece of chicken.
  8. Do not flip the chicken or mess with it just let it cook on one side until the sides are golden brown. Times vary but it’s fairly quick since the chicken is so thin.
  9. Once the first side is golden brown flip the chicken and let the other side cook. A total cook time will be about 9 min total for two pieces of chicken. But check it for firmness. You can also use a meat thermometer. It should have an internal temp of about 165 degrees.
  10. Once finished place chicken in a dish with some paper towels to soak up some of the oil.
  11. Repeat steps until you have cooked all your chicken.



Leonard Simon Nimoy


Leonard Simon Nimoy

‪‎Spock‬ was a good ‪Vulcan‬, and a good man. He was…he was one of us. He was a man who loved logic, and space, and as a Star Fleet member he explored the Alpha and Beta Quadrants from Earth to Kronos, and up to Romulus.

He died.. he died as so many young men of his generation before his time, and in your wisdom, Lord, you took him. Just as you took so many bright, flowering young men at Setlik III, and Bajor, and Wolf 359. These young men gave their lives, and so did Spock. Spock who loved space. And so, Leonard Simon Nimoy.. in accordance with what we think your dying wishes might well have been….we commit your final mortal remains to the bosom of the final frontier , which you loved so well.

Goodnight, sweet prince. LLAP.


*Taken from a fellow members post on the ‪‎Dudeism‬ Facebook fan page.

Leonard Nimoy’s final words via Twitter:


Raspberry Pi 2 (Model B) NEW

The NEW Raspberry Pi 2 (Model B) is on sale now for $35 with specs stated to be “6x the performance” then the previous Model B, depending on your usage of course. I am intrigued.

I have never used one myself only read about them and seen some YouTube videos, but I want one. Not sure what I’d need it for I just want to try one out. For $35 + plus needed additional components, most of which I have, what’s the harm in trying?

One thing occurred to me when thinking about price vs computing power. Disclaimer: This is not a direct 1-to-1 comparison of course the Raspberry Pi 2 is not a power machine but you’ll get my point.

It’s sad and aggravating how overpriced my iPhone 6 is. And I got the 64GB version so it’s worse. You could insert most phones and this comparison would apply.

Raspberry Pi 2 (Model B)

  • 900MHz, Quad Core
  • ARM Cortex-A7
  • 1 GB Ram @ 400 MHz
  • Micro-SD 32GB max (not included)
    • Expandable via 4x USB 2.0
  • $35

Apple iPhone 6

  • 1400 MHz, Dual Core, 64-bit
  • Apple A8 (aka Samsung)
  • 1 GB Ram
  • Internal 16GB
  • $649 (MSRP)/$199 on contract

Now I know this is not an equal comparison, they are not the same form factor etc., but let’s just talk about pure computing power for my money. Even if you factor in the cost of peripheral devices needed to run Raspberry Pi 2 you are still saving hundreds of dollars. The Raspberry Pi 2 wins hands down. The RAM and Storage alone are ridiculous! Apple charges such a premium for RAM and Storage it’s criminal in my book. Sure it’s not the same exact type of RAM but it’s pretty close. For what both of them can do the difference in cost is huge.

I’m pretty convinced I want to buy a Raspberry Pi 2 and have some fun.