Live Más App by Taco Bell (iOS)

So I just finished trying out the New Taco Bell app, Live Más, on iOS. It’s also available on Android.


This app lets you order your meal using your phone. You have full customization of your items and some items are cheaper through the app. When you’re finished you pick the location that’s near you that you want and then pay. You can use a Taco Bell preloaded card or your debit/credit card. It was scary how easy it was.

Once you checkout you get an email with your order right away. Then on your time you can drive to the Taco Bell you chose. When you are close you will be prompted to check in, then they will start to make your meal so it’s fresh.

Now I messed this part up. I didn’t get a notification because I accidentally pressed the check in while at my house. But it knew I wasn’t near the Taco Bell and asked if I wanted to place order or wait, so I waited. Now another thing is there are two options to check in: Inside and Drive-Thru. Well only Inside was available. So once I arrived, which was 10:40pm, I checked in with Inside but the doors were closed because it was late. So I went through the drive-thru. It still worked 100%. I simply said I made a mobile order and the nice employee said, “Oh yeah for Eric?”. She knew it was me. Now either I was the only one who used this app out of myself and the two cars behind me in line. Or somehow it tracks you via your phone. The app did prompt me to use my location, which it uses for locating stores so it’s possible but doubtful it’s that sophisticated. Maybe?

Anyways she told me to drive to the second window, she asked me if I wanted any sauce and BAM I got my drink and food and I was on my way. I didn’t show her anything to verify I was me she just gave me the food! That’s a little odd but again I think I was the only brave soul who used the app.

All in all it was a remarkably easy experience. This app is so dangerous. It works like magic!

Check it out:
Download iOS

Download Android


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