Multiple Page Posts. Why?

Why is the trend today to make webpage posts with multiple pages?

Usually this is done with a list/gallery of images or product reviews for example. But I’m finding it on news sites as well with just text. I know why they are doing it and it’s for page clicks, I guess. Most offer a link to view as one page but it is so annoying! This is especially cumbersome navigating on a mobile device. Most pages UI’s don’t translate or were made well for mobile viewing and navigating. Small or unresponsive next buttons, lack of in depth description text with image, and not to mention the injected ADs within the list. This is garbage.

Obviously if a page has become too long make it into as many pages as needed but these are done with content that doesn’t really need it. This is just poor design. I’m all for not having to load pages and having dynamic content but at least make it work, make it smooth. Some do it ok but I still opt to view as one page. There is a time and place for these things. I’ve found it’s mostly not used wisely.

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