STAR WARZ: The untold story of ‪#‎eroctech‬ and the birth of The Black Penguins or something yadda yadda

Back in May of 2010 I had become obsessed with this long music video/mini movie in my mind. It all started with The Beatles and Muddy Waters, then I started messing with Family Guy’s Blue Harvest – STAR WARZ. Things got trestrange to say the least. Like a real life movie.

It’s only taken me 5 years to post these. I hope they don’t suck. These are unedited since 2010. They are as is.

Music by The Black Penguins
“Slide on This”
eric “eroctech” toledo – guitar
anonymous – drum opening

“Abierto (Acoustic Demo)” – Compilation One
eric “eroctech” toledo – guitar

“Open G Blues” Compilation One
(Recorded in one take with a SM58 @ Holy Toledo Studios)
eric “eroctech” toledo – guitar
anonymous – drum opening

Thanks for watching. Live Long and Prosper.

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HEY by The Black Penguins


This is a live DEMO from The Black Penguins / Band Practice Archive. All tracks were recorded with using a Zoom H2.

al “NO! Inc.” carter – drums
david “NO_BEARDO_NO” emmert – bass
eric “eroctech” toledo – guitar

Special thanks for SUPER and all my SUPER PEEPS for the loves and support and your HEY art. I see every SUPER tile as a piece of art worthy of being in any museum. SUPER is a unique place of empathy rarely found online. CHECK IT OUT the iOS & Android app here

This video a celebration of the early days of THE BLACK PENGUINS and SUPER. This entire project was possible because of SUPER. This was not planned out months in advance it just kinda happened. I found the untitled song and a post here and post there and HEY I think I got something. The goal was to just put it out there. Keep things raw. GET IT DONE. So hope you enjoy.

I highly recommend watching this video by James Victore about “Feck Perfuction”. Inspiration for us all:

Recorded on 11-11-2010 HEY (original file name SR052-untitled-dec-11) is the 3 time we all three met together to jam. This song never made our debut album “Mark it Zero”. No edits except the intro & outro nonsense (tails out). Also TIP – we recorded our practices using Front & Back stereo pairs mics then summed down. Try headphones for that in the room vibe; as well as blasting it on some speakers with low end.

VIDEO of “The Shack”. The room were the magic happened:

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Original File Name: SR052-untitled-dec-11 / TBP-VAG-SR052


TBP016-SR052 Mark it Zero (demos & outtakes)


Frames by The Black Penguins

Frames all started out as a jam and then in a few hours turned into a song with lyrics. Totally off the cuff lyrics. One of those golden moments of inspiration. Back in 2011 one day I sat down to just record myself jamming with no preconceived ideas. Then this riff began to brew. Frames (demo) is the first or second stereo recording on my Zoom H2 of guitar and vocals. Then I later put it into Ableton Live and added some parts but kept the original recording intact no overdubs.

Then it just sat on my computer until about 2013 when I made the “final version” of Frames. But let it sit on the shelf again. Finally in 2015 I decided to spend some time with this song and put together this single with four versions total. This is the first Black Penguins song with vocals.