Kongai by Kongregate

Kongai is a card game created by David Sirlin and run by Kongregate. The game was in closed beta until July 10, 2008. Since that date, Kongai has been available to the general public. However, a closed beta with 40 new cards began on September 17, 2009.

Below is a video I shot for the beta release at the 2007 PAX in Seattle, WA. You can read more about the game here on it’s wiki.

I started this project with basic UI and some design elements but the style changed. The work I was involved with helped set the style, ui and aesthetics for the game.

The UI and game play continued to be enhanced and was taken to the next level even after I left the project for full-time work. What the team at Kongregate accomplished is outstanding both in development and design.

Here is the User Interface design for the cards used in the game Kongai.

Card UI for Kongai game by Kongregate

Custom icons were created and placement of needed game information was arranged by input from the game creator and Kongregate until we arrived at the ui you see here.

I also worked on different gameplay states for the game, like the lobby and deck builder, here are some of those early comps:

Overall it was a great experience to be a part of and all the people at Kongregate were great to work with. You can see the game in action here and view more games at www.kongregate.com.