STAR WARZ: The untold story of ‪#‎eroctech‬ and the birth of The Black Penguins or something yadda yadda

Back in May of 2010 I had become obsessed with this long music video/mini movie in my mind. It all started with The Beatles and Muddy Waters, then I started messing with Family Guy’s Blue Harvest – STAR WARZ. Things got trestrange to say the least. Like a real life movie.

It’s only taken me 5 years to post these. I hope they don’t suck. These are unedited since 2010. They are as is.

Music by The Black Penguins
“Slide on This”
eric “eroctech” toledo – guitar
anonymous – drum opening

“Abierto (Acoustic Demo)” – Compilation One
eric “eroctech” toledo – guitar

“Open G Blues” Compilation One
(Recorded in one take with a SM58 @ Holy Toledo Studios)
eric “eroctech” toledo – guitar
anonymous – drum opening

Thanks for watching. Live Long and Prosper.

#trekkie et

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