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Music for the film in my head.

Philip Patton – keys, guitar, programming
eric “eroctech” toledo – guitar, programming, vocals, art direction

Pankreas Kivi – vocals

“Powell & Sacramento”
jenfir3000 – opening sample

Also available on ALL streaming sites.



Self Explanatory. Just watch Donald J. Trump in his own words. Be sure to watch till the end. Follow #fucktrump on social media. Enjoy.

You can download the song for free here: https://eroctech.bandcamp.com/


5150 (I Remember Everything)

The story of a lost teenage kid in a mental hospital. He has just been in the quiet room yelling fuck as loud as he can. He can’t yell anymore. This is the sound of his agony.

eroctech is the Electro/Art-Rock collaboration of Eric Toledo (The Black Penguins) and Philip Patton (peejmudd). Mostly instrumental, eroctech is like a Syd Barrett / Daniel Johnston / Nine Inch Nails mashup that shouldn’t make sense, but does.

Single available online link below. Full album out January.


From The Beginning

Electronic. Ambient. Noise. New Album by The Black Penguins