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Art & Copy

A must see inspirational film about the advertising industry. Nothing someone in the creative industry doesn’t know or heard of already but to see it on the big screen and done well is a treat. I found this film more inspirational then Objectified, which I really enjoyed but felt lacked story to keep me entertained. Art & Copy on the other hand uses more movie story telling techniques then documentary informational approaches which I think won me over.

What’s different and perhaps surprising about this movie, is that it isn’t about bad advertising, that 98% which so often annoys and disrespects its audience. I didn’t want to make a doc that just trashes trashy advertising. Too easy, too obvious, and why bother? Instead, granted access to a handful of the greatest advertising minds of the last fifty years, I felt it could be a more powerful statement to focus the film only on those rare few who actually moved and inspired our culture with their work. And that higher standard made me want to make a film that reflected the same kind of disciplined artistic approach that my subjects used.
Doug Pray – Director of Art & Copy

It’s nice to see a rise in films about the creative industry. We can thank Helvetica for this new niche genre gaining attention.


Citizen Kane Trailer

While going through IFC’s 50 Greatest Trailers of All Time I stumbled upon this Citizen Kane Trailer, number 6 according to their list.

What struck me about this trailer was not the amazing cinematography but the “viral” like treatment Orson Welles used. The film came out in 1941 and not only did the film break all the rules so did the trailer. Now a popular technique used to make advertising more believable, the casual filming, home movie or casual look. All the while carefully delivering a marketing message.

Brilliant stuff, Orson was ahead of his time.