Which Browser Do You Use?

I use Google Chrome on a Mac. A few years back I used Mozilla Firefox but one day I gave Chrome a serious try and I never went back. #1 reason why I stay is because they have Chrome for iOS and I can sync my bookmarks and stuff. That is a HUGE plus for me regardless of any speed tests. #2 is Google Now. This can only be done with Chrome and it is AWESOME.


I heard about when Firefox did a major update but didn’t try it out. Until today. I opened Firefox on my Mac and realized it was way out of date so I updated it to the new 33.1 version. WOW. They have stepped up their game big time. There are a lot of things I like about this new Firefox, mainly their privacy features and it’s new speed.

Here is simple speed test I did using my phone stopwatch. Each browser had the same 4 main pinned tabs I always have open: Gmail, Google Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, and added one more page, a blog post with a video and a long list of comments.


Chrome – 38.0.2125.122

  1. 47:93
    1. Time from a fresh boot up, after giving the computer some time to get settled.
  2. 11:88

Firefox – 33.1

  1. 28:51
  2. 25:56

As you can see Firefox is pretty fast but look at Chrome’s 2nd load time, 11:88. Once Chrome has loaded the first time after your computer has booted if you quit and restart it, it loads extremely fast. With that said I have to give page loading times to Firefox. I went to various pages like YouTube, Yahoo, random pages, and Firefox loads the page faster by a noticeable margin. The differences between the two are minimal in the end though in my opinion. Maybe once I dig deeper I would find more differences. But as I stated I use Chrome because of their iOS app. For me that is the deal breaker for Firefox since they don’t support iOS. They say it’s because of Apple’s strict guidelines but I think there are other reasons. Lastly having Google Now is nice. I use it on my phone more then on my computer/s. I use it 90% more then Siri. So there’s that.

The key differences are:

  1. Privacy. Do you trust Google?
  2. Initial load time for Chrome is long.
  3. Minor advantage to Firefox on page load times, mainly images.

Here is a pretty good browser review video. Now this video was done in January 2014, the version of Firefox I tested was released in October 2014 I believe. I’d like to see this video done again today. Maybe I’ll make my own. Enjoy.


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